Safety is Our Common Language… A trip through Fugro SAE’s Change in Safety Culture

Fugro SAE (FSAE) has activities carried out all over Egypt that are primarily aimed at providing a complete range of offshore and onshore survey services to the oil and gas industry. FSAE considers safety as the solid ground from which to launch any of its successful operations

As part of its mission in Egypt, FSAE believes that development of its operations has to come through reaching a level of performance where safe and efficient operations are the twin wings for its market leadership. To accomplish this vision, FSAE initiated a program of Changing Safety Culture that has allowed safety to become a common language within the company and amongst its employees at all levels.
The main aspects of the project are described in the following equation:
5 Ms + 4 Es = maximum working hours – Minimum Losses
5 Ms
These 5 Ms describe the main elements of the HSE management system:
Man: the safety of the human factor starts even before hiring any of Fugro SAE employees by setting minimum requirements for any position. Training and education are the corner stone of the safe performance of our employees. A no blame culture reinforcing the safety ownership by staff and measuring the employee competencies according to an international competency matrix is one of the tools used to measure, evaluate and improve our HSE performance.
Machine: hazard identification, risk assessment and operability checks are always undertaken before and during operating equipment. Checking safety devices, developing and observing safe operating instructions and measuring the Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) are all part of managing machine safety.
Material: FSAE is committed to preservation of natural resources. Adopting a waste monitoring process, developing an environmental report and implementing waste recycling are initiatives that have minimized the effect our activities have on the environment.
Method: all operations and activities are controlled with FSAE’s QHSE management system. Hazard observation cards, risk assessments, toolbox talks, safety work instructions and working procedures have become common tools for all FSAE staff. No operation to be run without a set of updated safe operational procedures is a rule within FSAE.
Management: commitment is the word for the management. The management team is committed to safety to set an example for all employees: performing audits, undertaking visits to work sites and participating in closing NCRs and incident investigations are the main HSE management commitment duties within FSAE.
4 Es
These 4 Es describe how FSAE HSE system implementation principles      
Engineering: FSAE developed a web-based QHSE intranet designed that allows all FSAE employees to logon and use the system documents and tools.
Education: FSAE implemented an educational program that starts from induction and continues with training planning, training programs, daily safety meetings and group discussions and includes sending employees abroad to get the best training.
Enforcement: the system does not differentiate between nationality, occupation or even seniority. FSAE is enforcing the system through safety recognition awards, monitoring departments, projects and individuals.  
Evaluation: evaluation is a continual process that allows FSAE the opportunity to improve HSE performance. FSAE’s latest tool in this area is the Personal Performance Report, which measures the HSE performance of individuals through the year, individually and within different departments.

The outcome of the project has been a success as FSAE now reached 1,000,000 working hours without lost time incidents and the management system has been certified against the following international standards:
OHSAS 18001: 2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Requirements
ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System Requirements
ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Requirements  

By Wessam Mamdouh, Fugro SAE QHSE Manager, IIRSM Member


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