In the oil and gas industry, quality, health, safety, and environment (QHSE) are key aspects for operators to ensure the productivity of their fields. Following a QHSE program, oil and gas firms get the most beneficial performance and results.

Borg El Arab Petroleum Company, one of the companies working in exploration, drilling and production under the umbrella of the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC), believes that the best performance gives the best benefits for people, production and environment. Therefore, the company seeks to boost its performance considering that QHSE is the responsibility of everyone.

The firm’s higher management guidance made the company commit to the requirements of QHSE through the company’s QHSE management system that meets laws and regulations.

Safety Measures

Borg El Arab Petroleum Company follows certain measures in order to maintain QHSE in its performance. The company gives priority to QHSE issues in decisions making, scientific planning and in securing all the requirements needed to maintain QHSE. It holds periodic meetings to set the company’s targets and ensures the compatibility between the QHSE standards and the company’s goals. Borg El Arab keeps the communication between employees and QHSE contributors to spread awareness of possible dangers in workplace between employees and to supply employees with tools and information related to the risks they may encounter in the workplace.

Furthermore, the company is always assessing its program and seeks improving it in order for QHSE performance to meet set goals. The firm includes workers in danger cards and notes system that aim to have a shared vision that safety is every person’s responsibility and to be able to discover hidden dangers and accidents that may occur in order to take the correct measures to prevent these accidents. It also installs devices to detect smoke and fires, implements firefighting manual systems using foam, chemical powders, and water , as well as automatic firefighting systems in power plants and offices based on the most suitable system for the workplace.

The company keeps full coordination with the geographical committee and other oil and gas firms in order to implement an emergency plan in the Western Desert. It attends the geographical committee meetings which are very important to learn about the experience of other oil and gas firms, cooperate in joint work and share accidents history to avoid committing the same mistakes.

Health Measures

Borg El Arab Petroleum Company follows a program to maintain health risks. The program is based on a scientific approach to give its workers a feeling of safety and tranquility, while they perform their jobs, and to prevent panic and anxiety faced by the workers due to what they deal with everyday including dangerous tools, materials and devices that may threaten their lives if they are not safe.

Hence, the company provides personal protection requirements to workers, according to the nature of their work and based on the operational standards and global standards, and trains the workers to use them. Borg El Arab Petroleum Company works on avoiding injuries and occupational diseases as well as pollution in general.

Borg El Arab Petroleum Company keeps a ready ambulance with a doctor for in the work site across the 24 hours to provide medical assistance and to be ready to deliver injured ones to the nearest hospital in case it was needed.

It also ensures having a license issued before starting any work to ensure safety and it envisions that safety is a lifestyle not just measured followed, and trains its employees on safety and occupational health measures, as well as on fire handling and first aid. The company performs emergency simulation experience continuously to give its employees the experience they need to evacuate the workplace and to deal with any accidents if needed.

Additionally, it gives rewards to employees based on how the perform according to safety and occupational health standards to ensure the commitment and contribution of the employees.

Environmental Approach

Borg El Arab Petroleum Company shows respect to nature and works on protecting it. Therefore, the company reduces its usage of fuel and crude materials in order to safe natural resources and decrease the fuel effect on the atmosphere. It considers its sites as a part of natural heritage and works on boosting them as the company believes these sites are sorts of biological and wild life varieties.

Accordingly, Borg El Arab Petroleum Company uses environment friendly natural gas run generators instead of diesel run generators to avoid diesel effects on nature. The company also performs environmental and radiation assessment continuously.

The firm also conducts studies and evaluations on its wells to know the environmental impact of its wells. The company ensures receiving environmental approvals before drilling in order to save the surrounding environment and to prevent pollution.

Borg El Arab Petroleum conducts periodic follow up, in addition to the periodic audit performed by regulatory bodies, in order to ensure the company’s commitment to the QHSE standards.



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