Outstanding activities of SPE Suez Canal University

Suez Canal University Student Chapter (SCU SC) started in 2004, but it has not become active until early 2009. This Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) student chapter has witnessed a great progress recently. SPE SCU SC is seeking the best, making the difference, trying to be the helping hand to our university students, and the link between theories and reality. Check out some of their outstanding events.

Based on the SPE SCU SC slogan “Compete for The Elite”, the team issued the third issue of the chapter’s official magazine “ECHO” with a content variety, such as Case Studies, Young Researchers, and an interview with Mr. Wael Sharabash Drilling & Measurement Operations Manager, East Siberia Region, Russia Schlumberger.

Monthly Meeting
Aiming at enhancing the industry market here in Egypt with the latest technologies in the Oil & Gas industry, the SPE Egyptian Section holds a monthly meeting where industry experts meet together discussing the most recent technologies in the oil and gas industry. Also, these meetings play an indirect role in enhancing the relationships among the student chapters from one side and among the student chapters and industry experts from the other side. SPE SCU SC has attended the last meeting on May 18th, which was organized by WellDynamics, Halliburton Completion Tools. The main topic of the meeting was SmartWell® technology that in brief discussed the Completion technology developed to enable the operators to remotely monitor and control well inflow from multiple zones or injection down hole, at the reservoir, with no physical intervention, to permit optimization of well production and reservoir management processes. The presentation provided an overview of the purpose, main components and benefits which SmartWell® Technology provides to the oil and gas industry.

Training for All Program
Believing in the importance of sealing the gap between the academic and the practical lives for engineers, the SPE SCU SC organizes every year the Training for All Program (TAP), which offered about 60 internship opportunities for the university students during the last season. Currently, the chapter succeeded to provide 21 opportunities at ECHEM (the Egyptian Petrochemicals Holding Company) for the refining and petrochemicals departments. Also, the SPE SCU SC provides 20 opportunities at Schlumberger, in addition to another 10 opportunities at Weatherford, and 30 opportunities at Sino Tharwa Co. for drilling department and petroleum exploration and production engineering program.

Well Cementing Course
The SPE SCU SC also held a well cementing session given by Eng. Said Zaki El-Zeghaty, Marketing Manager of Weatherford-Egypt, for the graduating students in order to help them in their graduation projects and to enhance their knowledge in this aspect by the help of one of the best well cementing specialized engineers in the Middle East. The 21st of May session was totally sponsored by Weatherford-Egypt.

Learning Week
SPE Academy has successfully launched the visual learning week, which aims at making a revision on technical materials by discussing and watching technical videos. The first session was for the sophomore students and it included rigs components, rigs types, rigs personnel, traps types and more. The second session was for the junior students and it included vertical and directional drilling, cement types and more. The third session was for the third year students and it included horizontal drilling and its completion, multilateral and its completion, and some other drilling problems like pipe sticking and its solutions.

Orphan’s Day
Charity is one of the vital roles that SPE plays here in Egypt; from this concept, SPE Egypt organized its annual Orphan’s Day, which drew a smile on the orphans’ faces. The SPE SCU SC team participated in the last one organized by the section, which took place on Friday, May 6th. The event was sponsored by many well known companies; Schlumberger, Halliburton, Lufkin, Agiba, Pico, Weatherford, and Baker Hughes under the umbrella of SPE.


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