MOVA – Complete Logistics Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry Innovations in Transportation safety – Focus on Trucking

MOVA, a provider of Transportation and Logistics services for the Oil & Gas Sector provides the full gamut of services and this month we would like to focus on Safety Innovations in Trucking that MOVA will soon be implementing to further improve the quality of in local road transport/trucking across Egypt.

Trucking as a means of transportation is vital to meeting the industries needs, but Egypt’s roads and highways can be extremely dangerous without proper trucking safety measures.

The truck driver is the most important link in trucking safety. Staying healthy, fit and well rested is vital to us as driver fatigue and inattention to the road can increase the probability of an accident and today technology can increase our Safety Accountability.

By the end of Q4 2010, MOVA is planning to install Vehicle Monitoring Systems (VMS) in all of our vehicles to monitor journeys and ensure proper safety precautions, methods and procedures.  These systems will control driver speed, lane shifting, stops and all other changes taking place throughout the trip.

Safe driving techniques can also reduce trucking collisions and ensure the security of the valuable cargo. This is why MOVA currently operates under an occupational health and safety management system that is in conformance with the BS EN ISO 9001:2008 standard with a very strong commitment from upper level management to the highest HSE Standards and Accident Prevention.

All MOVA equipment is certified or in the process and all MOVA Staff including drivers attend regular Safety Training Courses, Safety Meetings and are Audited Regularly. 

Specifically regarding Drivers & Driving Safety Rules

  • All MOVA drivers have valid licenses and credentials and attend Defensive Driving Training. 
  • Drivers consistently ensure that their vehicle is properly maintained and in good condition for planned journey and is not overloaded.
  • Drivers must complete a checklist covering vehicle and mission details before departure.
  • Route Surveys conducted
  • All loads are secured.
  • Driving after dark is limited to an absolute minimum (in case of emergencies) and is subject to the approval of the concerned manager.
  • A mission supervisor is nominated for each journey
  • Police Escorts are arranged for wide-loads or special cargo as necessary

We are really striving to become a market leader in terms of Safety by continuously meeting the constantly changing HSE Standards.  The Oil and Gas Service market is especially known for its rigorous and dynamic safety standards and we are always trying to stay ahead of the game.


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