Quality, health, safety, and Environment (QHSE) are the most important aspects that any company, especially in the field of Oil and Gas, should put into consideration. Many International and national companies always set a keen eye on potential threats to manage to find solutions to overcome them and also they look for the best ways to increase efficiency when it comes to their work.

Maridive Group, the largest company providing offshore marine and oil support services in Egypt, and the largest regionally, has that keen eye on QHSE and considers it to be one of its great assets and an integral part of its management system that has helped it improve the company’s performance.

Among the methods used to achieve this goal, Maridive had signed a contract with Haztek International to help restructure and continue to improve its QHSE methods. Haztek International is a consultancy agency in London that has over 20 years of experience in providing solutions to oil, gas and power companies that entitles the development and improvement of the QHSSE system, already applied at Maridive, to be an Integrated Management System (IMS) by conducting trainings and workshops, guidelines and procedures for the staff and employees.

These developments were achieved via IMS training sessions for Top Managements, Steering Committee, and Key Personals at Maridive that consisted of 3 extensive sessions so far, the 4th session will initiate on 2nd week of May 2017 for selective internal auditors. After the conclusion of the IMS training sessions, internal audit will be performed to ensure the application of new methods learned and their consistency.

Haztek also took part in consulting the steering committee at Maridive to prepare the requirements of Quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015, Environment management system and according to ISO 14001:2015, Occupational Health and Safety management system according to ISO 45000, which’s still a draft and yet to be implemented.

Those IMS requirements  insures Maridive’s modernization by changing style of management, setting a common business language for dealing with customers and suppliers worldwide, increasing company effectiveness and efficiency, and building quality into services from basic phase onwards. Haztek was also responsible for creating a framework for Maridive to guarantee continual improvements by helping employees better understand their roles and functions, and by motivating staff and employees by setting clear business goals.

The training ensures that Maridive’s employees are competent; well trained, qualified, and experienced with a positive attitude who contribute actively in developing and maintaining procedures to ensure reporting, investigating, recording and analyzing accidents & incidents for better performance and lesson learned.

Via the training; Maridive was also able to decrease Direct costs, which are measurable costs arising directly from an accident and/or claim for liability under the civil or criminal courts and Decrease Indirect costs, which are the costs that may arise as a consequence of an incident or accident.

About Maridive Group

The company was established in 1978 in Port Said as a Joint Stock company. Maridive Group has expanded over the years together with its subsidiaries Maridive Offshore Projects, Maritide, Valentine Maritime and Ocean Marine FZC. Now has a strong reputation for excellence and efficiency in the offshore oil and gas services fields. We have a long track record with our loyal customers and the company’s goal is to continue to diversify with a global footprint.


Today Maridive Group owns 73 marine units and service boats representing the largest integrated fleet operator for oil services in the region. Moreover, Maridive is acknowledged to be one of the most competitive companies of its kind in terms of vessels, equipment and new technologies in underwater works, construction and project management services.



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