MARIDIVE GROUP Endless Sea, Endless Growth

MARIDIVE GROUP Endless Sea, Endless Growth

With more than 20 operating marine units currently employed in the Mediterranean Sea and in the Gulf of Suez, Maridive Group counts to the top notch offshore service providers in Egypt. It is also proudly presenting its achievements with the rest of its fleet spread across several continents from the Arabian Gulf and North and West Africa, all the way to Latin America.

Maridive’s Offshore Fleet

“Maridive is the largest offshore oil services provider headquartered in Egypt with 40 years of experience and a history of cooperation with NOCs and IOCs, having an efficient network of administrative, technical and logistic support, while being managed and operated by around 2,500 Egyptian professional employees,” as Dr. Maged Nadim, Maridive’s Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) stated.

With its subsidiaries Maridive Offshore Projects, Maritide, and Valentine Maritime, the company has gained a strong reputation for its excellence and efficiency in the offshore oil and gas services fields. In the region, the company relies on its onshore bases in Alexandria, Port Said, Ras Shukheir, Abu Rudies, Abu Dhabi and Al Khafgi in Saudi Arabia.

Maridive has got 35 AHTSs, 7 AHTs, 4PSVs, 8DSVs, 7 mooring boats and 12 Barges. This undoubtedly represents the largest offshore fleet in the entire region. On a global scale, Maridive is one of the largest players in the AHT/AHTS segment with 42 units.

The company currently operates on five continents with 73 marine units via four companies. It has 53 Offshore Support Vessels (OSV) units and offers Offshore Construction Services (OCS) with 21 Marine units at the disposal. Indeed, it possesses “a diversified Marine fleet with up to date technologies and state-of-the-art vessels and services tailored to the client’s needs,” Dr. Nadim further emphasized. Securing long term contracts allows the company to target highest utilization rates for its entire fleet.

Building upon its successful track record from different continents since its establishment in Egypt in 1978, Maridive has become a vertically integrated player that guarantees highest quality services to offshore explorers, covering the entire value chain.

The range of its offshore services is impressive as besides offshore rig supply they offer towage, anchor handling, oil spill recovery, safety and emergency response, salvage, firefighting. In the area of OCS, Maridive manages multiple offshore projects securing highest quality in pipe laying, marine construction, maintenance, diving services and survey works.

Currently, in Egypt, Maridive has 14 of its vessels deployed in the Red Sea area and 6 in the Mediterranean Sea, providing anchor handling tug supplies, platform supply vessels and multi-purpose support vessels.

Future Offshore Partner of Choice

Maridive Group is the future partner of choice for your offshore operations. This is not only for their largest fleet, but also for their client approach. The company is fully committed to managing quality, health, safety, and environmental issues (QHSE) as an integral part of its business. For them, QHSE is not to be compromised; hence, the company has adopted a strict safety policy to avoid any undesirable injuries, accidents, or damages. According to Dr. Maged Nadim’s previous statement to Egypt Oil&Gas, “our Quality, Health, Safety & Environment (QHSE) has improved tremendously in the last years, indeed, we have had a revolution in our QHSE regulations.”

As the company stressed, “personal and environmental safety is our top priority and our services come with the highest level of professionalism, expertise, integrity, and dedication.”

Complying with all international conventions, laws, and regulations, Maridive is here to minimize its clients’ offshore risks through thorough and continuous risk assessment processes for current facilities and to ensure that new projects can safely continue in the future. “We are trying very hard to stay with our clients as close as we can during the operations to have their feedback and to be constantly amending operations when necessary towards a better working potential for them,” Dr. Nadim added.

Looking into Maridive’s approach to its clients, the company is a guarantor of a successful completion of any offshore project with reduced costs. Dr. Nadim explained with dedication that in the times of low oil prices, when the entire market has been challenging, Maridive has been keen on simply sitting down with its clients in order to “really understand their requirements that would allow us to find the ways, in which we can cut their costs and thus deliver the added value services.” For example, as he continued, “there are versatile vessels that can do more than one job; a multipurpose vessel (MPSV) can be built to do diving works, constructions works, and survey works at the same time.” Hence, replacing several vessels with a multi-purpose one that can do the work efficiently is the way to go. “This requires a lot of technical engineering, and we have extensive background, and a very strong engineering department that allows us to be competitive,” stated the company’s CCO.

Hence, Maridive, in close cooperation with its clients provides cost effective and technically advanced solutions tailored to their specific project requirements.

In order to meet clients’ demands and adapt to the emerging international market trends, the company attracts, recruits, and retains highly qualified managers and technical employees.

Aiming for Growth

Geographical expansion and constant growth is the company’s key strategy in order to boost its profitability and ensure success for its clients. It seeks to surpass its competitors with the diversity of its services, fleet size, technology, and expertise.

“Our vision for 2017 is to maintain and increase our flexibility with our clients through adding value to our services and maximizing the utilization and usage of our Marine units, which, as a result, will allow our clients to achieve more at a lower cost,” noted Dr. Nadim.

With the projection – ‘Endless Sea – Endless Growth’, Maridive is energetically seeking to expand its activities to other geographical locations in Egypt and to strengthen its position further beyond. “We are continuing targeting new markets and expanding our spectrum of services,” added the company’s CCO, “which is also a crucial measure in such a competitive and harsh environment” as the offshore sector in the region clearly proves over and over again.

Maridive Group has maintained its highest reputation with its partners and clients through its commitment to high work ethics, integrity, and innovative solutions. It has been recognized as one of the most competitive companies of its kind in terms of vessels, equipments, new technologies and expertise in OSV, and OCS segments.

Its overall objective is to further diversify its offshore services, expand the fleet, enhance technology, deepen the expertise, and broaden its outreach globally. These are no modest ambitions. Yet, Maridive is strongly convinced it is capable of achieving its targets, some of them already in 2017.


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