Linking Petroshahd to Qarun Fields

Linking Petroshahd to Qarun Fields

Project Description

Petrojet is implementing the design and construction work for a 6-inch in diameter 3.6km pipeline, extending from the Shahd plant to the Southeast Shahd plant; in addition to a 10-inch in diameter pipeline, extending 83km to crude storage facilities at Qarun fields.

A second part of the project includes the planning, design, and execution of an upgrade to the storage facilities, increasing the storage capacity of the Southeast Shahd plant, as well as the Qarun plant. The upgrade plan is aimed at reaching a total of 12 tanks with a capacity of 2,400 barrels; in addition to the design of a fire control system for all production plants through which the pipeline passes.

The project which began on the 24th of December 2015, is expected to cost a total of $21m in investment.

The project is divided into three phases:

  1. The design phase.
  2. Completing the required electrical and mechanical tasks.
  3. Installation of the pipeline and pumps; in addition to the increasing of storage capacity.

Implementation Progress:

Divided into two phases, civil work and mechanical work.

Civil Tasks

  1. The design process is underway.
  2. Surveying work has been completed, covering the areal and route measurements. Currently a direct path is being measured.
  3. Areal measurement of the Qarun plant, the Shahd plant, and the Southeast Shahd plant have been completed.
  4. A direct path has been marked.

Mechanical Tasks:

  1. Equipment tendering work is underway on Cost+ basis with Petrojet.
  2. Design work is underway, along with modification and development of plants to suit the new pipeline.
  3. The design of tasks has been finalized.
  4. The building of tanks has been assigned to Petromaint on February 1st 2015, and is expected to be delivered after 270 days from contract signing.

Electrical Tasks:

Design of cathodic protection is underway, as well as the design of a land grid and electrical lines. In addition, cathodic protection of tanks is also underway.

Linking in Petroshahd Receiving Plant:

Petrojet will implement the design and construction of a 12-inch in diameter pipeline, extending 1km from the Petroshahd receiving plant at Qarun field. The pipeline will then be connected to the Dahshur pipeline through a 16-inch diameter connection, through which processed crude from the Petroshahd field will be transported.

This phase was launched on July 14, 2014, with approved investments of $716,000, and is expected to be completed after 30 days from the approval of blueprints and the arrival of the required equipment.

Execution Progress

Concerning the civil tasks, design of the concrete base for pumps is in progress.

Mechanical Tasks:

  1. The method of transporting crude has been altered, shipping cessation, and plant isolation from production.
  2. Three new pumps have been added, increasing the total to six.
  3. The pipeline’s P&ID has been approved.
  4. A list specifying the required tasks has been officially issued.

Part of the project is to develop a housing area for employees. Middle East Contracting Company undertook this part of the project, their plan includes two class A villas, and four class B villas, in addition to a dining hall including a kitchen and a refrigerator. The implementation of this phase began on October 29th 2014, and was concluded in January 2015, and cost $510,000.


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