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Being the first of its kind in the country has been a motivation factor that has strengthened the company’s aim to establish its solid roots in Egypt. The Fleet Information Technology (FIT) cherishes the concept of providing advanced fleet management and drivers control solutions by creating invocative technology that helps in reducing fleet cost and increase productivity

Fleet Information Technology (FIT) is the first Egyptian company to focus on fleet management and driving control solutions. Established in 2008, FIT continues a success history of more than five years in promoting and supporting brand VDO fleet management in Egypt and North Africa. FIT professional services are offered by highly experienced and certified technical engineers and technicians.

When asked about their entry to the Egyptian market and challenges facing FIT team, Managing Director Waleed El-Khayat highlighted that the gas sector has been the first sector to attribute more attention to safety, specifically safety the on road. “Smart computers have been installed into vehicles to track the drivers’ behaviors and monitor any deviation throughout the route.” He further added that all information later retrieved on from the device will allow the company to analyze the data that would assist them to achieve short term return-on-investment (ROI), increase safety, improve driver performance, get better vehicle utilization and drive down the fleet cost.

“Since the establishment of our company, we have had one vision, which is to balance between reaching a firm leadership in the local market as well as fulfilling North Africa markets requirements,” added El-Khayat.

FIT is the local dealer of MixTelematics, which was founded in South Africa in 1996. “The MixTelematics was established to manufacture and develop VDO FM products under the VDO license, which is the German leader in manufacturing of automotive electronics and control systems since 1921. In 2008 MixTelematics acquired VDO fleet management brand and CI-Omnibrigde the world’s sole distributor of VDO FM products line. VDO invented speedometers, tachograph (black box) and fleet management solutions with the development of digital tachograph. SIEMENS AG merged with VDO in 2001 to become the world’s leading supplier for automotive electronics. Continental AG acquired SIEMENS VDO group in 2007.”

El-Khayat clarified that MixTelematics installed 450,000 fleet management units in 75 countries worldwide. “FIT is the exclusive agent for VDO (Fleet Management Systems) – MixTelematics in Egypt.”

Providing services to various sectors, FIT has been focusing on the petroleum sector as well. “We are dealing with major corporations, whether on a global level like Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, Statoil and BG, or on a local level in Egypt, with Petrobel, Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation, Zeitco…etc.,” said El-Khayat.

Penetrating the Egyptian market in a very challenging time, financially, politically and even culturally, many companies would pay less for the QHSE department in order to cut down budgets and reduce costs. El-Khayat believes that when approaching customers, safety values should be prioritized first before talking about money. “Customers should receive a crystal clear view about the vitality and efficiency of our services in the first place.”

However, the ongoing dilemma of value versus cost remains an extremely thought-provoking factor that any company faces. “Some would recognize the importance of safety services, while others would neglect it and prefer to cut down costs on the QHSE expenses.”

Commenting on the current political and economic unrest in Egypt following the Revolution of July 25th, FIT management expects promising outcomes on all levels. “This was one of the quickest and most positive revolutions in the Middle East and it will bring fruitful outcomes and businesses will flourish more and more.”

By: Yomna Bassiouni


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