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Raven Gas Field to Produce Up To 900 mcf/d

The petroleum sector initiates the production in Raven Gas Field in North Alexandria concession next September, with an estimated maximum gas production capacity between 850 and 900 million cubic feet per day (cf/ ...

BP Begins Producing from North Alexandria Concession

BP started producing natural gas from Taurus and Libra fields early April.

Egypt to Consume 6.5bcf/d of Gas

The Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company (EGAS) estimated Egypt's local market gas demands to reach 6.5bcf/d within the summer of 2017.

Egypt’s Gas Output Decreased by 10mcf/d

Egypt's current natural gas production has decreased to 4.04bcf/d compared to 4.05bcf/d production at the beginning of August.

BP to Produce Northern Alexandria Gas in 2017

British Petroleum (BP) is aiming to start the first development phase of the northern Alexandria concession and west Mediterranean deep water concession by the first quarter of 2017, with a production capacity of 450 ...

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