natural gas supply

Petro Disouq to Increase Natural Gas Supply to National Grid

Disouq Petroleum Company (Petro Disouq), the joint venture (JV) responsible for managing two natural gas fields; South Disouq and Ibn Younis at South Disouq concession, plans to increase natural gas supply to the ...

Egypt Reconsiders Lowering Gas Price for Factories

The Egyptian government had announced that it is reconsidering its decision to sell natural gas to the iron factories at $4.5 per 1mBtu instead of the current price of $7 per 1mBtu, in order to reduce the price of st ...

EGAS Resumes 90% Gas Supply to Fertilizer Plants

The Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company (EGAS) resumed providing gas to all fertilizer plants at about 90% of the contracted amount, estimated at 600mcf/d.

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