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Iran Plans to Increase Annual Propylene Output to 3 MM Tonnes 

Iran’s propylene output is set to reach 3 million tonnes per annum after the completion of the country’s new projects, which will be finished by 2025.

Misr Petroleum Pumps 2.1 M Liters/Day of 92-Octane Gasoline

Misr Petroleum sells around 15 million liters of diesel and 6 million liters of 80-octane gasoline every day

El Molla Follows up with $2.4 B Suez Complex

The complex’s capacity is of around 3 million tons of diesel and more than a million tons of benzene of high quality that matches international standards.

Egypt to Halt Benzene, Diesel Imports within Two Years

Halting the imports will be achievable as Egypt is conducted several expansion projects in refineries, including Middle East Oil Refinery (Midor) and Egyptian Refining Company (ERC).

Egypt to Introduce Fuel Pricing Mechanism on 95-Octane in April

Egypt will introduce an automatic price indexation mechanism on 95-octane benzene in April 2019.

Egypt to Float Benzene Prices in March

Egypt plans to announce its pricing mechanism for 95-octane benzene by the end of December 2018, to start linking the product to international prices in March 2019.

Mostorod Refinery to Decrease Egypt’s Diesel Imports by 50%

Egypt will start trial operations at the Mostorod refinery complex in December 2018 and prepare for the actual operations to start in Q1 2019 which will contribute to decreasing diesel imports by 50% as the refine ...

ANRPC Completes Project to Increase Benzene Production

Alexandria National Refine & Petrochemical Company (ANRPC) has completed a new $219 million project that will increase the company's production of 92-octane benzene and 95-octane benzene to 700,000 tons per year.

Egypt’s Daily 95-Octane Consumption More Than Doubles

Egypt’s daily national consumption of 95-octane benzene has increased by over 480% to average at 530,000 liters in April 2018, compared to 110,000 liters before June 2017.

Egypt’s Daily Consumption of 92-Octane Falls to 12.6M Liters

Egypt’s daily consumption of 92-octane benzene has reached around 12.6 million liters.

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