Woodchips for BP’s Gulf Oil Spill Clean Up

Green Energy Resources Inc. offered to commit 100,000 tons of woodchips for the gulf oil spill. Woodchips for oil containment is a proven technology listed with the Federal EPA. The woodchips are put inside the containment booms and through their honeycomb cell structure absorb the oil as well as collect it through adhesion. Unlike other technologies, woodchips don’t sink to the bottom (like peat moss) but rather can be collected and skimmed off by idled fishermen that can be employed using their nets to collect the floating woodchips at the surface. The woodchips can then be delivered to some power stations to generate electricity cleanly and efficiently, disposing of the contaminated woodchips without negative environmental impact on land or in landfills.

Green Energy Resources, in connection and support with Patriot Energy Services, a Florida based company, has received the green light to deploy from counties in Florida, pending EPA approvals on the disposal.

Discussions are underway with other Fema Emergency contractors, British Petroleum, and Gulf States to employ the technology throughout the gulf region in effort to protect beaches and fisheries. Green Energy Resources has 10,000 tons within 45 miles of the Gulf that that can be utilized immediately and another 30,000 tons of super dry (17 % Moisture content) high absorbancy (high buoyancy) woodchips at the ready.

Green Energy Resources is a registered FEMA contractor.

(Source: Globe Newswire)


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