The Western Desert Gas Complex and the Amreya Butane Factory, which are both run by the Egyptian Natural Gas Company (GASCO), produced 26.6 million tons of petroleum products since the start of operations, said Yasser Salah, head of GASCO, Egypt Oil & Gas reports.

The two facilities provided the Egyptian market with 10 million tons of butane, and 1.5 million tons of condensates to refineries in Alexandria, Salah noted.

The complex exported 5 million tons of propane and supported the petrochemical industry with 10 million tons of ethane-propane mix, the head of GASCO said during a visit by the Minister of Petroleum, Tarek El Molla, to the Western Desert Gas Complex in Alexandria.

GASCO plans to produce 2 million tons of gas derivatives from the complex and the factory in 2019, including 980,000 tons of ethane-propane; 450,000 tons of butane; 315,000 tons of propane and 83,000 tons of condensates from the complex.