Newly built Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) vessels, MT Africa Gas and MT Sahara Gas, are set to commence operations that will see them berth in Houston, US, to convey their first ever consignment of gas expected to be delivered to the West African coast starting from March 2017, Algeria Times reported.

Both vessels’ operations are expected to actualize the vision of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, which hinges on boosting the availability of the commodity in Nigeria and the West African sub-region, Vanguard informed.

MT Africa Gas has already taken the lead, commencing its maiden voyage by sailing towards the Caribbean US Gulf Region. Sahara Gas is due to follow suit during February.

Furthermore, the two vessels will address the lingering challenges of supply, affordability and fraudulent activities of individuals, and organizations seeking to adulterate cooking gas due to scarce supply. LPG is considered as a cleaner, much safer, and more affordable alternative to firewood and kerosene.