The Emirates Nuclear Energy Cooperation (ENEC) is moving forward with the completion of the country’s first nuclear plant, with the successful installation of Unit 3 Reactor Vessel (RV) at Barakah, Trade Arabia announced.

As a large component in the nuclear energy plant, Unit 3 RV installation acts as a crucial step in progressing and developing the nuclear plant construction, following the installation of the Barakah Unit 2 RV in 2015 and the Unit 1 RV in 2014.

Weighing over 400 tons and measuring almost 15 meters in height, the RV will eventually contain the controlled nuclear reaction that will generate the safe, clean, and reliable nuclear energy that will feed into the UAE’s national grid.

ENEC said the project at Barakah is progressing steadily, pending regulatory reviews and license. The company further announced that the construction of Units 1 to 4 is now more than 65% complete.

Arab News quoted ENEC’s CEO, Mohammed Al Hammadi, stating: “The safe and successful installation of ENEC’s third reactor vessel is the culmination of many years of hard work and dedication. All teams involved have worked to the highest standards of safety and quality and I would like to personally thank the KEPCO and Doosan teams for their commitment to the Barakah project’s development.”