Tanzania Saved $7b via Domestic Gas

Tanzania Saved $7b via Domestic Gas

The Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC) stated that the country was able to saved up to $7.4b by using natural gas as a source of energy from July 2004 to June 2015, All Africa reported. This came as a result of using natural gas to replace expensive fuel such as heavy furnace oil (HFO), diesel, petrol, jet fuel and others, which would have been imported from abroad.

TPDC Senior Research Officer, Aristides Katto, said that the discovery of natural gas has accelerated promotion of the industrial sector in the country. According to Katto, during the period, about $6.754b was for electricity, $653.48 for industries, and as much as $278,455 spent by institutions, informed ESI Africa.

Katto added that this was a testimony of how natural gas could boost the national economy. But this also shows that gas can promote growth in other sectors. Therefore, as the country gears up for industrialization, it can bank on natural gas as one of the basic ingredients to make the drive a success.

Moreover, TPDC has chartered plans to ensure the natural resource also benefits individuals through direct connection in their houses in gas for domestic and compressed natural gas (CNG) projects.

Currently, the Dar es Salaam natural gas system comprises a 16-inch pipeline network, which includes 50km of the main ring. The pipeline serves 37 industries, three institutions, and about 70 households. But this is set to change as TPDC plans to expand the natural gas pipeline network to further reach individuals, industries and institutions.


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