The government of Tanzania has sent a business delegation to Kampala, Uganda, to lobby the Ugandan President and other senior officials to conclude an unresolved contract that will allow for the construction of an oil pipeline from Uganda to Tanzania, Tuko reported.

The country is competing with Kenya to execute the project, however, the Tanzanian government said it was confident that it will beat Kenya in the battle as it offers the safest and most cost-effective route.

The Tanzania-Uganda deal would be a major blow to Kenya as it also wants the 1,410 km pipeline to pass through its territories , to be channeled from Hoima to its oilfields in Loikchar, Northern Kenya and to yet-to-be constructed Lamu Port, Daily News added.

Nevertheless, as The Star reported, Kenya’s costly land is adding a new twist to the deal as Uganda is concerned that lengthy acquisition of land and its expensive compensation package to pave the way for the pipeline would further drag the process.