Spectraseis Announces Completion of Survey for Shell Egypt NV

Spectraseis, the leading provider of low frequency seismic solutions to the upstream oil & gas industry, today announced the completion of a Low Frequency (LF) seismic survey for Shell Egypt N.V in the North East Abu Gharadig (NEAG) Basin, Western Desert, Egypt.

The survey objective was to introduce LF technology in the Western Desert of Egypt. The project is the largest ever LF seismic synchronous survey, with 110 data points recorded over four days. The survey data is currently being processed with initial results expected in early February 2010.

The project took place with the logistical support of Ardiseis, a regional joint venture between CGGVeritas and TAQA in the Middle East region, and covered a 60 square kilometer area in one week using a team of 17 crew members.

It also saw the mobilization of 120 recording stations – the largest equipment shipment for a single LF seismic survey by Spectraseis, and featured Spectraseis’ recently launched field acquisition system, Field Office 2.0 and its innovative numerical technique Time Reverse Imaging (TRI). TRI spatially localizes the source of hydrocarbon microtremors, allowing operators to directly image hydrocarbon reservoirs at depth.

Spectraseis Director, Karim Lassel, said:

“The completion of this survey represents a number of major milestones for Spectraseis – it is the first survey with Shell in the North African region, it marks our first collaboration through Ardiseis, and it is the largest synchronous survey we have ever completed.”

He continues:

“The size and remoteness of exploration activities in North Africa, the region’s geological complexity, and the need to reduce exploration risk make this an ideal location for LF seismic surveys. Furthermore, the fact that we could complete the survey so quickly, with so few infrastructure resources and HSE risk and with such a light environmental footprint, is testament to the huge benefits LF seismic brings to oil & gas exploration.”

His words were backed up by Ahmad Saleh, GeoSolutions Manager at Shell Egypt N.V, who said:

“We would like to commend Spectraseis and Ardiseis for a smooth and successful field operation in which they have shown high commitment to HSE. We are delighted to be working with Spectraseis in testing the applicability of LF seismic technology in the Western Desert. The ability to cover such a broad area in a short time and without recourse to heavy field equipment can prove to be quite beneficial for our future exploration activities.”

Spectraseis’ Time Reverse Imaging (TRI) technique spatially localizes the source of hydrocarbon microtremors by feeding measured signals to the velocity signal, thus numerically estimating the depth origin of spectral anomalies. TRI plays an important role in applying low frequency passive seismic data analysis to identify spectral anomalies originating at the reservoir. The result is a subsurface image that suggests the hydrocarbon reservoirs at depth.

Spectraseis’ Field Office 2.0 enables the acquiring and managing of field data to be quick and efficient as well as providing early quality control. The handheld devices, all with built-in GPS receivers and running data acquisition software, record the location of the sensor placement, collect photographs of the environment using a built-in camera, and with a built-in barcode reader identify the specific acquisition instruments being used.

Established in 2003, Spectraseis is the principal technology and service provider in the fast-emerging field of low frequency seismic geophysical surveys and data analysis. Spectraseis helps oil and gas companies reduce risk and more efficiently find and produce hydrocarbon reserves by providing valuable new subsurface information. In October 2007, Spectraseis won the 2007 World Oil Award for Best Exploration Technology. In 2009 Spectraseis received the annual Swiss Economic Award in the high-tech/biotech category.

(Spectraseis Press Release)


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