The British oil and gas company Sound Energy kicked off a new program at Sidi Moktar project in Morocco, where it is re-entering the Koba-1 well. The operation is expected to last about ten days and will include the perforation and the testing of the lower Liassic and a potential testing of the Argovian, according to Morocco World News.

In addition, Sound Energy highlighted that Sidi Moktar area, which spans 2,700 KM2, is located close to gas demand and infrastructure, which includes a large scale phosphate plant owned by the Moroccan state, Proactive Investors stated.

Sidi Moktar area has an estimated gas potential of 293bcf. Moreover, the company is expected to move to the Kamar-1 well for the second stage of the operation.

In a statement, the company said it is looking forward to hosting investors on its Sidi Moktar site visit later this week. Investors are invited to observe live operations through the Company’s webcam.