SLB, Geminus AI Partner to Deploy First Physics-Informed AI Model for Optimization of Oil, Gas Operations

SLB, Geminus AI Partner to Deploy First Physics-Informed AI Model for Optimization of Oil, Gas Operations

SLB has announced a partnership with Geminus AI, a leading provider of physics-informed artificial intelligence (AI) technology for the oil and gas industry.

This partnership will give SLB exclusive access to deploy the first ever physics-informed AI model builder, which combines physics-based approaches with process data to create highly accurate AI models that can be deployed at scale, faster, and at a lower cost than traditional AI methods.

According to Rakesh Jaggi, president of Digital and Integration at SLB, this investment in the partnership with Geminus AI will bring a significant improvement in operational performance for customers, from production pipelines to facilities.

“Geminus’ capability to fuse AI methods with physics-based simulation data will empower customers to quickly and easily create hybrid models of their operating assets that can be optimized in real time against numerous outcomes, such as opex reduction, increased productivity, and carbon emissions minimization,” Jaggi said.

The Geminus platform utilizes novel, physics-informed AI computing to incorporate the constraints of the physical world into digital models. It requires only sparse data and can easily be updated with new data points. This allows data scientists and modeling engineers to accurately predict the behavior of complex systems and make informed decisions in real time.

Greg Fallon, CEO of Geminus AI, believes that the partnership with SLB will be instrumental in unlocking value for the energy sector. With SLB’s extensive relationships and reach in the industry, Geminus AI will be able to deliver.

“With thousands of oil and gas processing facilities and complex well networks held by hundreds of different customers, SLB’s relationships and reach will help us deliver significant efficiency and productivity increases for customers,” Fallon said.

In a customer use case, SLB successfully delivered a Geminus hybrid AI-driven application to optimize economic performance while reducing carbon emissions at a natural gas plant. This application, created by Geminus’ physics-informed AI solution, was trained using data from SLB’s Symmetry™ process simulation software.

The entire process, including the creation of the underlying hybrid AI model, took only a few days. The application has the capability to evaluate 20,000 complex scenarios in under a tenth of a second, allowing operators to interactively explore the impact of changing process settings on the plant’s carbon footprint and yield.

The technology has also been successfully implemented in other use cases, such as improving the efficiency of fluid catalytic crackers, the heart of an oil refinery, in addition to enhancing the performance of electric submersible pumps and industrial wellsite chokes as SLB stated in a press release.

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