Sinai Gas Completes Gas Grid Line in Ismailia

Sinai Gas Completes Gas Grid Line in Ismailia
petrochemical refinery

The oil sector has completed the execution of gas grid line in the New Ismailia city at a length of 30 km, which has paved the way for the aggregation of gas for a delivery to household units, according to a report issued by Sinai Gas Chairman, Adel Khalil, sent to the Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Tarek El-Molla.

Sinai Gas is responsible for the implementation of the project and aggregation of gas to all the areas of Sinai.

According to Minister El Molla, the project is in the framework of a national plan to establish new infrastructure in the cities through the Armed Forces Engineering Authority. Oil Ministry informed in a press release that the Suez Canal is to serve as an axis and supply facilities and integrated services in the Sinai provinces.


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