Siemens plans to complete trial runs for 11 units at its three Egyptian power plants located in Burullus, Beni Suef, and the New Capital by the end of November, early December.

Sources with the Ministry of Electricity stated Siemens will start initial trail runs at Beni Suef’s plant at the end of November with a production capacity of 400MW, followed by trails for an additional 5 units at the same plant by early December. The operational trials will be run with a capacity of 400MW from New Capital plant on November 30. While, the second trial will be with a capacity of 400MW from the second unit of the same plant. It will be held during the first week of December, reported Al Borsa. Additionally, the company will run operational test  for three units at the Burullus facility with a capacity of 1200MW by the end of November, as a commercial launch is scheduled for December.

According to the ministry’s agreement with Siemens, the trials should be performed for 11 units within two weeks, following a 15-day period of commercial launch. This will add 4300MW to the grid by the end of December. Furthermore, the ministry of electricity agreed with the ministry of petroleum to provide gas to the three power plants.

In mid-October, Egypt Oil&Gas reported that a source with the Egyptian government had stated that Siemens would start trails in Burullus power plant late mid to late October. While, the Egyptian Ministry of Electricity would provide the power plant with 500KW from Abu Qir facility for the trials.