Shell Seeks Selling Iranian Fuel in International Markets

Shell Seeks Selling Iranian Fuel in International Markets

Royal Dutch Shell is keen on selling Iran’s jet fuel in international markets and is negotiating with government officials, according to the National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company (NIOPDC), Press TV reported.

“Shell is willing to market and sell the jet fuel produced in Iran in international airports, especially in the Persian Gulf littoral states,” NIOPDC’s CEO, Mansour Riahi, said, according to Financial Tribune.

“Shell, as a leading brand, will be authorized to commercialize Iran jet fuel, should the ongoing negotiations yield positive results,” Riahi said. He added that the oil major would be capable of providing its customers with the fuel in Imam Khomeini International Airport and sell the much-needed commodity in global markets.

Given that fuel supply stations in the country are handled in a traditional and individual way, Iran has decided to use the experiences of other countries to implement a gasoline branding project, Riahi explained.

Additionally, Iran’s jet fuel production capacity, among other fuels, is expected to increase by 370,000 liters a day after the launching of the Persian Gulf Star Refinery in the port city of Bandar Abbas in May, according to the official.

“A limited number of gas stations in Isfahan are selling branded gasoline. The plan will be implemented in other major cities, including Tehran, in the near future,” Riahi said.

There are 3,600 gasoline and diesel as well as 2,400 compressed natural gas stations across the country, which are all subsidiaries of the oil ministry, he added.

Riahi thinks that the privatization of gas stations will aid NIOPDC in gradually scaling down its operational role and to develop its supervisory role over the distribution of gasoline and other fuel products instead.

The limited gas stations in Iran, especially in the big cities, create long queues of cars on daily basis. According to the NIOPDC data, Iran has one gas station for 22,000 people.

Armenia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Central Asia, and Pakistan import jet fuel from Iran.


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