Sea Dragon spuds Al Baraka #6 Well, Kom Ombo

Sea Dragon Energy Inc. announced that it has spudded Al Baraka #6 well in the Al Baraka Field, Kom Ombo Concession, Egypt.

The Egyptian Chinese Drilling Company (ECDC) rig # 1 which has been contracted to drill up to 10 wells in the Al Baraka field spudded the first well at on May 8th 2010. ECDC rig #1 is a 1000HP drilling rig equipped with a top drive and is rated to10,500 feet and therefore capable of drilling and evaluating the Kom Ombo Basin entire geological section. Al Baraka #6, Sea Dragon’s first appraisal well is proposed to drill up to 5,200 ft depth targeting the Abu Ballas and Six Hills “F” and “E” zones. An extensive coring and logging program is planned to adequately evaluate all the potential reservoirs. Once drilling operations at Al Baraka #6 well are completed the rig will move to Al Baraka #5 well located some 2 km to the northwest.

In NW Gemsa, Al Amir # 6x, the 7 inch casing was set at 11,084 ft. Drilling has resumed and the well has now reached a depth of 11,777 ft in the Lower Rudeis Zone. The plan is to drill and evaluate the Nubia Zone.

Mr. Said Arrata, CEO said: “We are delighted to commence our drilling program in Kom Ombo. The Al Baraka #6 well is the first of up to 10 appraisal wells planned to be drilled this year. We are also moving ahead with our planned seismic acquisition program expected to commence later this 2nd quarter. Further, results from drilling Al Amir 6X in NW Gemsa are expected soon”.

(Press Release)


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