Gasoline prices in Saudi Arabia witnessed another increase on July 14, and remain subject to changes in global export prices, Reuters reported citing Saudi Aramco.

The Saudi oil giant announced that it is raising domestic prices of 91-octane gasoline to SAR 1.53 ($0.41) per liter up from SAR 1.44 ($0.38), while 95-octane gasoline prices were hiked to SAR 2.18 from SAR 2.10.

Fuel price adjustments are in line with the government’s plans to reform energy and water prices, and that they were subject to changes in global exports prices, according to Saudi Aramco

A similar move was announced in April, as 95-Octane gasoline prices were increased to SAR 2.10 from SAR 2.02, while the prices for 91-Octane gasoline were raised to SAR 1.44 from SAR 1.37.