Saudi Arabia plans to pump 11 million barrels per day (mb/d) in July, a record high for the country, up from 10.8 mb/d in June, a source close to the situation told Reuters.

OPEC agreed at its meeting in Vienna on June 22 to raise production by roughly 1 mb/d, although no specific figures were released.

The decision came 18 months after the OPEC+ agreement that enforced supply cuts of 1.8 mb/d.

An industry source stated that the increased output would “go to the whole market” instead of just Saudi reserves.

OPEC stated that the production increase will remain in compliance with the original January 2017 agreement as Venezuela’s steep and unexpected drop in output has lead to months of underproduction.

Aramco has 2 mb/d in spare capacity, double the expected production increases mandated in the Vienna OPEC meeting, CEO Amin Nasser said on June 25.