QAPCO opens regional warehouse in Egypt

Qatar Petrochemical Company (QAPCO) has announced it officially inaugurated  its regional warehouse in Al-Adabia, Egypt.
This is in addition to the liaison office, which was opened in Cairo in 2002 by HE Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Atiyah, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Energy and Industry.
QAPCO’s delegation was headed by Eng. Mohd Yousef Al-Mulla, General Manager of QAPCO, Abdul Rahaman Abdullah, Marketing Manager, Mohd Jassim Al-Na’ama, Public Relations Manager, Naji Johar, Assistant Marketing Manager for Planning & Business Development, Ahmad Al-Emadi, Asst Manager for Sales, Mohd Abdul Rahman, Head of Central Lab and Technical Support and Jassim Al-Sharshani, Manager of QAPCO’s Cairo liaison office.
QAPCO has previously established offices in China (Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing), India (Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai), Egypt (Cairo) and a regional warehouse in Syria (Damascus), the UAE (Dubai) Lebanon (Beirut) and in Taiwan (Taipei). Two other offices were officially opened in Pakistan (Karachi and Lahore) as well.
QAPCO aims, behind opening liaison offices and regional warehouses all over the world, at real existence in the world strategic markets, where it can get closer to its customers, knowing their needs and thus working to meet them, discuss with them any anticipated problems and in the end offering them better services. Such a step would help us better understand the requirements of the Egyptian market, gaining new customers and keeping up its leading position, as a pioneering producer and exporter of Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) in the world. QAPCO is renowned for its high quality and services.
A banquet was held on this function, attended by HE Mohd Hamad Al-Khalifeh, Ambassador of Qatar in Egypt, Eng. Mohd Yousef Al-Mulla, GM of QAPCO and the accompanying delegation, Hussain Al-Mulla, Undersecretary of Ministry of Civil Services and Housing, Diplomatic members at Qatar Embassy in Cairo. On the Egyptian side, Gen. Mohd Seif El-din, Mayor of Sweis, high dignitaries and officials as well as a great number of customers and businessmen. Souvenir gifts were exchanged between QAPCO’s GM, Qatar Ambassador in Egypt and Director of Customs in Al-Sweis.
After the inauguration ceremony, Eng. Al-Mohanadi met some reputable customers and listened to their views and discussed with them ways of developing and consolidating cooperation in the future.
Mohd Jassim Al-Na’ama, PR Manager, has delivered a welcoming speech, thanking all attendees who have participated in opening the regional warehouse in Egypt. He pointed out that this event coincided with appointing QAPCO’s new GM, Eng. Mohd Yousef Al-Mulla, who have been working for QAPCO over 20 years. He knew him as fully devoted and dedicated. Al-Na’ama went on to say that the decision of promoting Eng. Hamad Rashid Al-Mohanadi to Rasgas GM, is no doubt a token of appreciation from QP Board of Directors, chaired by HE Abdullah Bin Hamad Al-Attiyeh, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Energy and Industries, for Al-Mohanad’s efforts and contributions for QAPCO. Also appointment of Mr. Al-Mulla, as GM was in appreciation for his continual strive and dedication as Maintenance Manager of QAPCO.
Eng. Al-Mulla, GM of QAPCO made a speech, saying, ‘Despite all the changes and challenges, we remained committed to good quality and services, and such commitment was behind our success and continuation.’
Opening a regional warehouse came within the framework of the strategic plan set up by QAPCO’s Board chaired by H.E. Abdullah Bin Hamad Al-Attiyah, Second Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Energy and Industry in Qatar. This plan is meant to establish self operated offices in markets that are vital and essential.
Eng. Al-Mulla indicated that this decision of opening liaison offices and regional houses all over the world were a result of a precise reading of all changes and a true translation of the policy adopted by QAPCO’s Board of Directors. Such policy aimed at establishing an infrastructure for the company.
‘We believe that these offices and warehouses could save time and shorten the distances, and thus create a direct relationship with our customers, and consequently we would be able to better meet their requirements and expectations.’
Abdul Rahman Al-Abdullah, Marketing Manager has delivered a speech saying that inaugurating this office is another milestone in the history of QAPCO and comes in line with the company’s policy to expand its marketing network in different parts of the world.
He said that QAPCO’s products of LDPE are sold to over 4500 customers spread over 85 countries worldwide, and that QAPCO is striving to consolidate its global marketing network through opening representation and commercial offices different parts of the world.
“Such offices will add value to QAPCO which would excel its competitors and get closer to customers, facilitate carrying out their demands faster and to their best satisfaction. This would eventually help increase the revenues and ensure the company’s excellence. QAPCO boosts of its high quality products and it is striving to be the leading producer and supplier of Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) in the world.” he said.
Eng. Al-Mulla toured the regional warehouse, where he was briefed about the warehouse’s operations, services and future role by Dr. Abdul Salam Al-Sharbini, Director of Warehoused in Cairo. Souvenir gifts were also exchanged between QAPCO’s GM and high ranking officials in Egypt.

(QAPCO Press Release)


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