An official source at South Abu Zenima Petroleum Company (PetroZenima) stated exclusively to Egypt Oil&Gas that the company is currently implementing the plan of connecting drilled wells to production platforms.

The source added that the company has drilled eight wells in the 39km Mozhel field in the Gulf of Suez concession area.

The first and second wells were connected and began producing from 500b/d to 800b/d of oil. Additionally, the company is working on the reform of the fourth well.

Furthermore, PetroZenima is connecting the third and fifth wells to production platforms at a cost of $6m. The two wells are planned to be used to increase the field’s production. The rest of the wells will be connected soon to likely increase output¬†and reserves of crude oil.

The source also mentioned that the company is currently conducting a seismic survey of a new exploratory well (SAZ) near Mozhel field with $17m of investments.

The well will be drilled after a month and a half after completing the current research and exploration processes.