Petroleum Arrows Company transported 3 billion liters of petroleum products during 2017, according to Abdellah Ibrahim, Head of the company, Egypt Oil & Gas reports.

Ibrahim also announced that the company shipped 4000 tons of butane per day, 67% of the total amount of butane transported across the country.

This is a 15% increase on the number of liters transported in 2016.

Ibrahim made the announcement during the general assembly o review the company’s 2017 results, which was chaired by Egyptian Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Tarek El Molla.

He also revealed that the company also transported paving companies’ shares of diesel and other petroleum products.

Petroleum Arrows expanded its delivery services to fuel needing buildings and added 15 GPS provided vehicles to increased total distribution fleet 431 vehicle provided with GPS devices, the head of the company explained.

The expansion of the company’s activities in 2017 means that it reached a total of 196 agreements.

Petroleum Arrows plans to expand in transferring water from the drilling of wells and treatment plants to the safe disposal areas.  In addition, the future plans include the transfer of fresh and saline water, the expansion of the transfer of ammonia liquid, the transfer of diesel fuel to the cement factories, and expansion in the provision of services to other companies inside and outside the petroleum sector.