Petroleum Gas Company (Petrogas) plans to fill 3.9 million tons, equivalent to 308 butane cylinders, in 2019/20 to cover local market’s demands, said Adel Al Shuwaikh, head of the company, according to Ahram Gate.

The company plans to keep, develop and increase the efficiency of productive assets, in addition to conducting rehabilitation and renewal processes on the equipment of the health, safety and environment (HSE) systems, Al Shuwaikh added.

Al Shuwaikh’s comments came during the general assembly chaired by Minister of Petroleum Tarek El Molla to review the company’s budget plans for 2019/20.

Petrogas’ suggested investment plan includes several projects that aim to boost production lines, including a project to develop cylinders for filling, Al Shuwaikh noted.

Egypt plans to increase butane’s strategic reserves after the success in establishing new projects to boost storage capacities, which will contribute to the continuity of support to a stable petroleum product’s market, El Molla stated.