The Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources announced the inauguration of the first major emergency room for the oil and gas sector linked to the unified national emergency network in the presence of  top leaders from the Egyptian Armed Forces and other senior officials from the oil and gas sector.

Located at the Northern Geographical Committee in Port Said Governorate, Belayim Petroleum Company’s (Petrobel) emergency room is set to be linked to the unified national emergency network. The digital connection of the emergency room to the national emergency network and public safety is significant because of its important role in maintaining the safety of individuals, facilities and the environment.

Petrobel’s Chairman Khaled Mowafi stated that this development is in line with the Ministry of Petroleum’s initiative to create a safe working environment that is committed to upholding the highest standards of safety, security, occupational health, and environmental responsibility.

The project represents a qualitative leap for Petrobel towards a digital transformation with the aim of developing an effective crisis management strategy, which will allow rapid and effective intervention in the event of an emergency, Mowafi added.