Oman’s total production of natural gas and imports increased by 11.77% percent reaching 37.95 billion cubic feet (bcf) at the end of September 2021, compared to 33.97 bcf during the same period last year, Oman news agency reported referring to initial statistics from the National Center for Statistical Information (NCSI).

The data demonstrated that the increase of natural gas production reflected the rise of accompanied gases by 30.4% to 6.943 bcf at the end of September 2021, in comparison to 5.323 bcf during the September of the previous year. Non-accompanied gases increased by 8.2% to 31.5 bcf in September 2021 from 28.643 bcf during September 2020.

Also, the data disclosed that natural gas utilization in generating electricity from 5.7 bcf (September 2020) t0 6.162 bcf in September 2021. The use of natural gas in oil fields jumped by 21.3% from 8.83 bcf in September 2020 to 9.81 bcf in September 2021.