Oman Manufactures its First Well Drilling Rig

Oman Manufactures its First Well Drilling Rig

Oman has completed its first well drilling rig among four others expected to be manufactured, with the aim of strengthening and localizing its oil and gas industry.

The total value of expenses retained in Oman amounted to 40 million US dollars, from which small and medium-sized Omani companies benefited.

This 1,250 HP rig was custom-designed and built with an emphasis on electronic operation using the latest technology to provide safe, efficient, and sustainable drilling operations.

It can be controlled via the platform’s central operating system and the automated drilling chair, through custom software to enhance the ability to control operations remotely, which enhances performance with the highest health, safety, and environmental standards.

The equipment package is equipped with a mobile system that can be mounted on a trailer to move the rig faster and safer between drilling sites.

“The completion of the manufacturing of the first drilling platform represents an important step in developing industries related to Oman’s  oil and gas sectors,” said Mohsen bin Hamad Al Hadhrami, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Energy and Minerals during the ceremony organized marking this achievement in the Governorate of Al-Dakhiliyah.

He pointed out that the drilling platform features advanced technology that contributes significantly to preserving safety, health and the environment in the oil and gas industry.

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