NORPETCO initiated working on Qarun’s agreement

North Bahariya Petroleum Company (NORPETCO) started on carrying out its agreement with Qarun petroleum company which necessitates working on the facilities of refining the crude oil by receiving and refining 2500 barrels of oil each day. Meanwhile, the refining shipment processed have already begun since last April.

On the other hand, Egypt Oil & Gas learnt that NORPETCO is preparing to perform technical studies on layers to determine the volume of crude oil in such layers by executing the 3D Seismic surveys on its acquisition area in the Western Desert. Officials within the company ensured that the company has successfully entered the “West Qarun 1-4/ 56”  and also completing it in the middle and bottom layers of  Abu Roash sands, in the beginning of the current fiscal year and it produces average production of 400 barrels of oil per day.
In addition, in the last period, the company has firmed up a fire control project in the delivering oil for Qarun. NORPETCO accomplished 50 % of the fire control project in company’s fields in the area of Ferdaus as wells as the accomplishment of  workshop for repairing oil sucking pumps, expelling frequency.


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