Nile Delta holds undiscovered treasury

Due to the fact that Egypt’s Nile Delta is one of the most important area in the world that holds rich natural gas reserves, the Egyptian Oil Ministry cited a report issued by the American Geological Association on May 18, saying that Egypt’s Nile Delta (north of Cairo) holds undiscovered natural gas estimated with 223 trillion cubic feet (about 6.3 trillion cubic meters).

Refat Khafagy, undersecretary of the Oil Ministry, said the natural gas can be exploited by using advanced technologies, adding that there are also 7.6 billion barrels of undiscovered oil in the same region.

Russia’s West Siberian Basin is another region rich of natural gas reserves with an estimated 643 trillion cubic feet (about 18.2 trillion cubic meters). The Middle East and North Africa also has several areas with abundant natural gas reserves, which include the Rub Al Khali Basin with 426 trillion cubic feet (about 12 trillion cubic meters), the Greater Ghawar Uplift with 227 trillion cubic feet (about 6.4 trillion cubic meters), and the Zagros Fold Belt with 212 trillion cubic feet (about 6 trillion cubic meters).

Natural gas reserves in the United States include southwestern Wyoming with an estimated 85 trillion cubic feet (about 2.4 trillion cubic meters), the National Petroleum Reserve Alaska with 73 trillion cubic feet (about 2 trillion cubic meters), and the Appalachian Basin in eastern United States and the Western Gulf Basin of Texas and Louisiana, each with 70 trillion cubic feet (about 1.9 trillion cubic meters).


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