Nigeria has presented a new, comprehensive 13-point plan to renew power sector in the country, Vanguard reports citing Nigerian Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola. Among the key components of the plan are public engagement on tariff collection, debts, power generation, maintenance, ancillary services, dispatch orders, and discipline. Other areas include gas requirement and constraints, transmission constraints, 33KV load offtake, imbalances-locations of excess, overload safety, service quality, new captive and embedded generation, franchising, and other issues relevant to the growth of the sector.

The announcement came in Abuja during the minister’s first meeting with key energy stakeholders to ensure effective monitoring in the sector. According to the minister, President Buhari has called for monthly meetings between industry stakeholders, including companies, engineers, lawyers, and planners, to discuss the industry and to make binding decisions.

The new regulations are part of a larger set of new laws to better protect energy consumers. The December 25th Nweni gas explosion led to greater safety regulations in the gas industry earlier in the month, Vanguard informed.