Natural gas lines from Egypt repaired

Repairs to a valve station damaged in an April attack on natural gas infrastructure in Egypt have been completed, a holding company announced.

Ampal-American Israel Corp., which has a 12.5 percent interest in Egyptian gas transmission East Mediterranean Gas Co., said technical repair work on a gas valve station was completed and gas was ready for delivery.

“Furthermore, EMG was advised that the government of Egypt has been implementing additional security measures for securing its gas transportation system in the Sinai from further attacks,” the company said in a statement.

The infrastructure for natural gas deliveries from Egypt was the target of several attacks early this year. Ampal in March said an explosive device was discovered on a natural gas pipeline leading to Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and gas consumers in the Sinai Peninsula, though the device didn’t explode.

The supply of natural gas from Egypt to Israel was suspended in early February when an explosion damaged a natural gas pipeline between el-Arish and Ashkelon.

Israel gets about 20 percent of its electricity needs from natural gas supplied through Egypt. Full deliveries to regional costumers will resume once security measures are in place by the end of May, the company said.

Source: UPI


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