Morocco will launch a tender for companies to establish a $4.6 billion natural gas project, Moroccan Energy Minister, Aziz Rabbah, stated, according to Bloomberg.

The project is set to generate 2,700 MW of electricity from liquified natural gas (LNG), and is expected to boost the kingdom’s energy mix alongside renewable energy, Morocco World News reported.

The $4.6 billion will be allocated for infrastructure and will be used in the construction of an LNG terminal, located at Jorf Lasfar, near the western port city of El Jadida. The terminal will be complete within five years.

“This is a project to build an integrated plant to process gas,” Rabbah said in an interview in Abu Dhabi, adding that with the chosen technical and financial consultants, the tender will be assigned for a group to establish the plant.

Morocco is aiming to decrease its dependency on imported fossil fuels. It is adopting plans to produce 42% of its energy from renewable sources by 2020, Rabbah pointed out, adding, “we might surpass that target because there are massive investments now.”