The Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources plans to expedite the natural gas delivery project for citizens involved in Hayat Kareema “Descent Life” initiative, according to a statement.

Tarek El Molla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, stated that the first phase includes 1,413 villages, where 59 villages have already been connected with natural gas system and 17 villages are underway.

He added that there are 1,337 villages scheduled to be connected with natural gas at a cost of more than EGP 16 billion. Out of which 245 villages have completed sanitation works and 423 villages are already included in the sanitation plan, where natural gas will be delivered to them as soon as the sanitation works are completed.

Additionally, about 669 villages are on the ministry’s agenda to be included in the sanitation projects and to be connected with natural gas system afterwards.

The petroleum ministry works on the project in full coordination with the Central Agency for Reconstruction and the Armed Forces Engineering Authority.