Misr Petroleum to Provide E-Payment Solutions for Fuel Supply

Misr Petroleum to Provide E-Payment Solutions for Fuel Supply

Misr Petroleum Company signed an agreement with E-Finance company to activate the fuel management and operation system to provide e-payment solutions for the company’s clients, General Trade Union for Petroleum Workers (GTUPW) reported.

Besides providing e-payments, the agreement includes developing and managing an electronic system for e-cards instead of coupons, which puts the company on the right track to digitize its services.

Hussein Fathy, Head of Misr Petroleum, said in statement that this step comes in line with the digitization initiatives adopted by the state to control and monitor fuel’s distribution.

He added that this contract ensures timely and accurate fuel delivery by e-payments. He elaborated that this system will facilitate allocating and distributing petroleum products as well as redistributing fuels for cars directly through the system.

Fathy explained that it will also provide big data for fuel supply through reports entailing the amount of used fuel per vehicle as well as the places and time of supply. In addition, this system will detect any manipulation that may occur by monitoring the actual consumption of cars and defining any possible fraud.




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