LUKOIL announced its execution of controlled directional casing drilling at its Bayandyskoye and Pyakyakhinskoye fields, where the company received promising results.

With regards to the Pyakyakhinskoye field in West Siberia, LUKOIL achieved a nationally unprecedented casing drilling speed of 50.2 meters per hour. It took less than two days to drill the entire section.

It found that the average drilling speed was 13% higher, compared to traditional drilling techniques. The company also discovered that the time needed to construct a section for the 324 mm surface pipe decreased more than twofold, according to their statement.

LUKOIL added that this method helps optimize well construction and overcomes risks that may arise from standard drilling techniques, such as casing sticking or failing to reach projected depth because of expansive clays, coal districts, unstable walls, and lost-circulation zones.

​The company stated that it plans to do conduct more tests on this technology at its other suitable fields.