Libyan National Oil Corporation (NOC) announced that it has achieved net revenues exceed $2.13 billion in June, according to a press release posted on the company’s Facebook page.

The company attributed these results to the sales of crude oil, gas, condensates, petroleum by-product and petrochemicals, which reached record levels due to the strong demand and the increase of production and international prices as well.

The statement added that NOC recorded revenues from crude oil sales amounted to $2.07 billion, while gas and condensates revenues reached $66.25 million.

NOC’s Chairman, Mustafa Sanalla commented, “We reiterate that oil is the centerpiece of our country’s development process and it represents top priority for our country’s stability.”

“With God’s help and our government’s support, we can maintain and increase production rates. He also emphasized that NOC will continue to work with the government to ensure the provision of regular revenues to the public treasury, and that NOC will make all efforts to maintain the infrastructure,” Sanalla added.

He pointed out that NOC counts on the support of the Ministry of Oil in coordination with ministries of finance and planning to provide the needed budgets needed for the implementation of NOC’s ambitious plans.