Lekela Power, a pan-African renewable energy generation platform will begin construction of a solar energy plant with a 50 MW capacity in Banban, Aswan with $90m investments. Construction will begin in October and is expected to be completed after nine months, company’s CEO, Chris Antonopoulos, said, Daily News Egypt informed.

Two wind power plants will be built in the Gulf of Suez under the feed-in tariff scheme. The first plant will have a 50 MW capacity and construction will be completed by the beginning of 2017 with $80m investments. The second plant will have a 250MW capacity through the PO system. Construction will be completed by 2018 with investments of $350m.

In total, the company will build three plants in Egypt with a capacity of 350MW.

Lekela Power has many more projects in Africa. In South Africa, the company has a wind and solar plant with a 600 MW capacity and other projects in Ghana and Senegal, each with a 225 MW capacity.