Kuwait and Saudi Arabia have brought in an international consultant to study the development plan for the Dorra offshore natural gas field and determine both countries’ shares in the field’s produced natural gas, according to Kuwaiti Al-Rai newspaper as reported from Reuters.

The consultant’s main mission will be studying the field’s production volumes, storage options, and cost of development.

Developing the field is an indication that the two countries want to make a progress in this project after being shelved since 2013.
In December 2019, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia announced that they would collaborate on a new project at the Dorra field, ending their five-year dispute on the Neutral Zone. This will help them provide and satisfy their countries’ growing natural gas consumption for power generation and boost exports.

It is worth pointing out that Dorra field, located in the Neutral Zone, has an estimated production capacity of around 10-11 trillion cubic feet (tcf) of natural gas and around 300 million barrels of oil (mmbbl).