Kuwait Energy Egypt Empowers Students, Advances Ocean Conservation through SEG Field Camp

Kuwait Energy Egypt Empowers Students, Advances Ocean Conservation through SEG Field Camp

Focused on marine geophysical surveys and addressing marine challenges, Kuwait Energy Egypt continues in supporting the Egypt SEG field camp 2023 as the diamond sponsor for the second consecutive year and host of the award day at the headquarters.

The camp centered around conducting geophysical surveys in the marine environment, studying habitats, and understanding their connection to climate change. With the urgency to support the outcomes of COP 27, this camp aimed to contribute to the global effort to preserve our marine ecosystems. Kuwait Energy Egypt joined forces with ExxonMobil Egypt and the National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries in making this groundbreaking camp the first of its kind in the Middle East and worldwide in fostering unique learning experiences and outcomes.

The camp attracted a diverse group of 30 participants from various countries and universities, who came together from the United States of America, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Sudan, and Egypt to exchange knowledge and experiences, enriching the collective understanding of marine geophysical surveys and the impacts of climate change.

Participants received comprehensive training using cutting-edge technologies related to marine geophysical surveys. Through hands-on experience and data acquisition process aboard the Salsabil vessel, they gained proficiency in utilizing advanced software for data processing.

The camp concluded with a ceremonial Award Day held at Kuwait Energy Egypt’s premises where all organizers, instructors, and participants were awarded, and the outcomes were celebrated.

Supporting the camp and believing in the cause, Kuwait Energy Egypt fostered international collaboration, promoted sustainable practices and contributed to the development of sustainable strategies for the protection and preservation of our oceans.

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