Saudi Aramco awarded Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. a contract for the engineering and project management services of the Zuluf Development Program’s Arab Heavy Crude Oil Increment, 600 million barrels crude per day Onshore Central Processing Facilities (CPF) project, according to Oilfield Technology.

The facilities will process 600,000 barrels per day (b/d) of heavy crude oil from the Zuluf offshore field in the Arabian Gulf.

Under the contract, Jacobs will oversee a new gas, oil separation plant (GOSP), gas compression facilities, and a new water injection plant and pipelines. The crude processed through the GOSP will moved to the Ju’aymah terminal through new downstream pipelines. The proposed Tanajib Gas Plant will house the processed gas and condensate streams.

“The Zuluf Field is one of the most significant developments of its kind, and through this project, we will support Saudi Vision 2030 by helping expand gas production and enhancing energy sustainability,” Jacobs Petroleum and Chemicals President Vinayak Pai stated.

Work on the Zuluf Field development program began in January 2018.