Iraqi Oil Exports Rise to 3.6 MM b/d

Iraqi Oil Exports Rise to 3.6 MM b/d

The Iraqi Ministry of Oil announced that crude exports increased in August to 111.706 million barrels, with revenues of more than $6.341 billion.

Exports from middle and southern fields totaled around 107.520 million barrels, while crude exports from the fields of Kirkuk through the Ceyhan port recorded about 3.254 million barrels. Shipments from the Qayyarah oilfield amounted to 928,963 barrels.

Meanwhile, Iraqi oil exports to Jordan stood at 3,479 barrels, according to the ministry’s spokesman Assem Gehad.

The average rate of exports increased to 3.603 million barrels per day (b/d) last month, according to the ministry’s statement, at an average price of $56.77 per barrel.


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