Iraqi Oil Minister, Jabar Al Luaibi, stated to Reuters that Iraq will establish three natural gas processing plants aiming to reduce flaring. The plants will process the natural gas that is being flared at southern oil fields, which will be used it in power generation and in increasing the Iraqi income from energy exports.

Al Luaibi stated, “The ministry is seeking to end the flaring of associated gas in the next few years, despite the economic and financial challenges.”

Accordingly, Iraq’s natural gas output will triple to 1,700mcf/d by 2018 as flaring-reduction projects are developed, Luaibi announced at an energy conference in Baghdad on April 2.

Meanwhile, maintenance work at a Basra oil jetty, which was damaged by a tanker collision in March, was completed, according to two officials at state-run South Oil Company who spoke to Reuters.

The officials added that the Storviken cargo, with 1m-barrel capacity, was anchored at that berth early on the 17th of April 2017, loading a cargo of light crude.