Iraq increased the export capacity of its Basra port by 900,000 barrels per day (b/d) by adding a fifth terminal, the Oil Minister, Jabbar El Luaibi, announced, according to UPI.

The port now has the capacity to export 4.6 million b/d, KUNA reports.

The increased capacity will give the country greater flexibility in managing its exports, the minister said, according to UPI.

Iraq—excluding the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG)—exported 3.24 million b/d in September, UPI reports.

The central government has increased its crude oil exports from the Basra port by 200,000 b/d following its operation to seize the Kirkuk oil fields from the KRG. In the aftermath of the operation, exports from Iraqi Kurdistan have fallen by more than half, Reuters previously reported.

Exports from the northern region to Turkey briefly halted on Monday, Bloomberg reports. They have since resumed. Crude oil shipments to the Turkish port of Ceyhan through the KRG pipelines have averaged 264,000 b/d–down from 600,000 b/d–after the the federal government resumed control of the Kirkuk fields.