Iraq is increasing crude exports from its southern oilfields to make up for production shortfalls from the Kirkuk, Reuters reports.

The government announced on Saturday that it would increase crude exports from its Basra oilfields by 200,000 barrels per day (b/d), according to Reuters.

Production from the Kirkuk oilfields fell last week after forces loyal to the central government seized Kirkuk and its oilfields from the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG), Reuters previously reported.

Crude exports to Turkey were down to 213,000 b/d from 530,000 b/d, according to Reuters.

Missing equipment from the Avana and Bai Hasan fields was slowing production last week, an official at the oil ministry told Reuters.

Iraq’s production will remain within the bounds of its production quota under the production-cut agreement, according to the Iraqi oil ministry, Reuters reports.

Iraq, an OPEC member, is party to the production-cut agreement implemented in January to cut global oil production by 1.8 million b/d.